Your photos and film wanted!

We’ve been so lucky with getting some fantastic coverage of the 2009 Daimohk Tour – both in listings and in various articles in the press and on the BBC.  Thanks to all who covered it, and a special thanks to Nick for his photos and prints – hope you got some good shots on Monday!

We’re hoping that we can add all of this and more to our growing archive of photos and film.  If you took any photos of Daimohk or if you filmed any of the performances then we want to hear from you.  Maybe you have put a film up on YouTube or have some photos you want to share with us?  If so then share the link with us in the comments box or send a disc to our office address.

To make life easier I have set up a Flickr group to help photographers share their Daimohk photos.  In time we will add a ‘Gallery’ page to this site to enable all of the photos in the group to appear on our site.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the Flickr website and create a personal account for free if you don’t already have one
  • Follow the instructions to upload your photos onto your own personal Flickr page
  • Visit the Daimohk Flickr group and become a member
  • Go back to your personal Flickr pages, click on ‘Organize’ and then drag the photos you want to share into the middle of the page to create a ‘batch’ of photos
  • You then need to click on ‘Send to Group’. Select Daimohk and follow the instructions
  • Your photos will automatically appear on this page once the gallery page is created!