Reflections from ‘Creating Cultures of Peace’ training in January in Indonesia

I’m grateful to have learned and shared new skills with those attending the 6th International Peace Training ’Creating Cultures of Peace’ at Peace Place in Pati organized by Friends Peace Teams, deepening our knowledge and experience of how to build peace within ourselves, with the earth and between people.

Attending the workshop for the second time, I gained many new insights through the activities, play and interaction with people working for peace from 11 countries around the world in diverse conditions. I became totally and deeply convinced that if we practice this consistently in our daily lives, we will remove the need and occasion for violence and as a society we can actually make war obsolete.

The tool box provided by the Creating Cultures of Peace training including trauma relief, resilience, liberation and discernment could enable this to happen if disseminated widely enough. Power of Goodness can help us reach out to thousands more people as we have in Chechnya and Ukraine over 10 years. Venera Minazova from CPCD in Chechnya, Nadine Hoover from Friends Peace Teams and I were able to support the other to deepen their knowledge of stories and create training plans that were linked to themes of the workshop.

I’m inspired to have spent this time with a wonderful group of people and to learn and experience more of this amazing country! It’s a great way to prepare on so many levels for the work of building peace and equality over the year ahead.

Chris Hunter