Power of Goodness in Ukraine update

2-4 November, Elena Melnik, Natalya Gavronskaya, Tatyana Yakovleva and Natalya Zabrotskaya, conducted a three-day Power of Goodness introductory seminar in Kiev. They thank the participants for their engagement, group dynamics, cooperation and sincere interest in the project. To be continued with a second module in Kiev 23-25 November.

In November and December, Peacebuilding UK and partner Odessa Mediation Group are conducting two 3-day trainings in each of the Ukrainian cities of Kiev, Kherson and Zaporozhe. These local trainings for teachers, psychologists and volunteers will further promote and disseminate the Power of Goodness stories and materials, equipping participants to become Power of Goodness practitioners with practical tools for conflict prevention and peace and tolerance education. This will add to the 50 Power of Goodness practitioners trained in Ukraine by Peacebuilding UK and partners from Ukraine and Chechnya over the last three years.