School re-building project

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this appeal. We have so far managed to raise 50% of the total £10,000 of the appeal, which is required to complete the rebuilding of four schools in Chechnya.

A further £5,000 needs to be raised by the end of June as Peacebuilding UK’s contribution. The schools serve about 1,800 pupils and were moderately or severely destroyed during the recent wars. UNICEF is paying for 86% of the rebuilding costs but expects PBUK’s partner in Russia, a Russian Charitable Fund with the same name, to contribute 14% by the end of April. Peacebuilding UK has raised £15,000 to date for this project.

Pupils and parents of these schools very much want them to reopen this Autumn, and this work is not included in the Chechen Government’s current rebuilding programme.

Please go to our Donations page for information on how to contribute. Thank you.