Daimohk’s Dagestan Dance

As I type the young people from Daimohk will be making last minute preparations for tonight’s concert to mark their 10th Anniversary.  Many of you will have seen their performances on one of their many tours and marveled at their tremendous energy and spirit.

So that no-one feels left out, here is a video of their performance of the ‘Dagestan Dance’ from last year’s UK Tour.  I confess that it is my favourite dance – when the group come to the UK I get to spend a lot of time with the girls.  I love their contagious giggling, their constant running around, their ability to get everything organised, their sheer hard work.  But, they’re also no different to any other young women.  This dance, I think, really allows them to let rip, to whoop and holler and show off what energetic and talented dancers they are.  Enjoy.

Dagestan Dance from Peacebuilding UK on Vimeo.