Вакансия — Бухгалтер- Финансовый Координатор

Британская благотворительная организация Peacebuilding UK ищет опытного бухгалтера в России для проведения консультативной работы в течение 20 месяцев. В обязонности бухгалтера- финансового координатора входит поддержка 20-25 малых и средних некоммерческих организаций, которые будут получать финансовую поддержку от Peacebuilding UK, в плане соответствия требованиям финансового управления и бухгалтерского учета, установленным Peacebuilding UK, а также установленным Российским стандартам бухгалтерского учета и соответствующему Российскому законодательству.

Job Vacancy – Accountant

Peacebuilding UK is looking to hire a Russia-based, experienced accountant for a consultancy assignment of 20 months. The financial coordinator’s responsibility will be to ensure that approximately 20-25 small and medium-sized civil society organizations in Russia, who will receive funding from Peacebuilding UK, will comply with financial management and accounting practices we will agree with them, as well as follow standard Russian accounting practices and comply with all relevant Russian laws. The financial coordinator will perform this role through designing and providing training to our partner organizations, conducting monitoring, review of partner organizations’ financial records and accounting. The financial coordinator will provide detailed guidance to partner organizations (grantees) on how to compile and submit financial reports and accompanying financial documentation for funds granted by Peacebuilding UK. He/ she will collect interim and final financial reports and documentation from all grantees, check and ensure that these comply with the reporting requirements of Peacebuilding UK and its donors, liaise with grantees to ensure compliance and present verified interim and final reporting and documentation to Peacebuilding UK’s grants administrator. She/he will offer support, instruction and guidance to our grantees as they introduce and maintain proper practices. She/he will collaborate closely with our team members in Russia and the UK.

During the course of the consultancy, the financial coordinator will be expected to work an average of 22-25 hours per week. Compensation on a monthly basis will be 720 euros.


  • Minimum first degree in accounting (“accounting, analysis and audit”, “financial analysis” etc.) from a Russian university, second relevant degree/master’s degree preferred
  • Relevant attestat (or several) from IBP Russia
  • Relevant higher education or non-degree academic training abroad, preferably in an EU member state, or any other additional, relevant training will be an advantage



  • At least 12 years of experience as an accountant, of which at least 7 years should have been at one or several Russian non-commercial organizations
  • Experience in non-commercial organizations must include organizations accepting foreign funding since 2013 and undergoing inspections as mandated by the law on foreign agents. The accountant must have supported at least one non-commercial organization through such inspections.
  • Experience with audits by outside, independent auditing companies (including international ones)


  • Experience in Russian non-commercial organizations of various sizes of budget and staff (large, medium-sized and small)
  • Experience serving as an accountant in the private sector is welcome
  • Experience of preparing training content for accountants or professionals in other areas and delivering such training
  • Specialized experience in the area of compliance
  • Experience working as an auditor
  • Experience in organizations or projects funded by the European Commission


  • Advanced/professionally fluent English skills
  • Fluency in accounting software 1C
  • Strong command of recent pension fund reforms and how they affect employers’ and workers’ obligations (relevant certificates etc.)
  • Strong command of all relevant laws
  • Strong understanding of ethical considerations in financial management

Additional requirements:

  • Ability to travel, by plane or train, anywhere in Russia for up to a week at a time, including on short notice.
  • Ability to work from home – mandatory if based elsewhere than Moscow and also for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. (no office space will be provided, unless the financial manager is located in Moscow)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Problem-solving approach and ready to take responsibility
  • Punctuality, ability to meet timelines, managing tasks together with a team in a timely manner
  • Strong interest in building the capacities of civil society organizations and improving their standing in the community
  • Willingness and ability to serve as a mentor to less experienced colleagues
  • Since the financial coordinator is a part-time assignment, he/she will be free to pursue other paid employment at the same time. However, we cannot hire candidates who hold full-time positions that they do not intend to reduce or give up.