Little Star trainings for psychology students in Grozny

In July and August, five of the Little Star psychologists conducted trainings and arranged internships for 37 students of practical psychology from the Chechen State University in Grozny. Three groups of students (4 young men and 33 young women) attended separate 10-day trainings at the Little Star offices in Grozny. The trainings covered the following themes:

The professional ethical code for psychologists and the basic ethical principles of a psychologists’ work, the Convention of the Rights of the Child, What rights do children in our Republic have? relaxation exercises, the themes of ‘trust’ and ’emotions’, activation games, psychological testing, story therapy and working with stories from the book Power of Goodness: Stories of Nonviolence and Reconciliation.

Lecturers and the Chair of the ‘Pedagogy and Psychology’ faculty at the university attended some of the sessions and expressed great thanks to Little Star and its supporters for continuing to provide this training for students to develop their knowledge of the more practical aspects of psychology. The students have been spending time working alongside the Little Star staff at the Little Star points in Grozny and the villages to gain practical experience since the beginning of the new school in early September.