Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Kyrgyzstan 2015 – OUTREACH FOR YEMEN

Peacebuilding UK invites an activist, journalist or film-maker from the Republic of Yemen to the 2015 Bir Duino (“One World”) Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Kyrgyzstan

For the 9th year, the Bir Duino (“One World”, in Kyrgyz), Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will take place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from December 8 to18, 2015, with documentary films from all over the world, workshops and discussions with film-makers and human rights activists. This year, a group of human rights defenders, journalists and film-makers from Russia’s North Caucasus region, Belarus and Yemen will travel to the festival. We invite you to come with us and experience an inspiring celebration of human rights, freedom of expression and captivating stories from all over the world. And to meet with dozens of your peers and colleagues from Kyrgyzstan and the international film-makers, to learn, share and network. After the festival, participants will also get a chance to spend two days with a Kyrgyz organization working on human rights or media issues close to their interest, to observe your Kyrgyz colleagues in action.

Every year in fall, the Bir Duino festival draws thousands of viewers to a selection of some 30 documentary films, by directors from all over the world, covering well-known and less well-known human rights stories from countries on every continent. With all the international film-makers as well as guest human rights experts from around the globe attending the festival, the screenings are followed by animated debates with the audience. Parallel to the festival a series of interesting workshops and special events take place. According to the international film-makers who attend many documentary festivals all around the world, the Bir Duino festival is special: not only is there massive interest from the Kyrgyz public and especially young people, the community of local civil society activists, volunteers and film-makers get to know each other during workshops and special events. If you’re curious about new human rights stories from around the world, if you love documentary films, if you would like to see Kyrgyz civil society in action, if you could use some inspiration and positive energy for your work at home, then we hope you will come with us to the Bir Duino film festival.

All films at the festival are subtitled in English and Russian. PBUK will cover all costs (travel, hotel, per diem) of 1 selected participant from the Republic of Yemen, will make all travel arrangements and assist participants with putting together their own program during the festival.

If you would like to come to the Bir Duino film festival, please complete the application form listed below and send it to us by November 25, 2015, 24:00GMT. If you don’t like filling out written applications, you’re in luck – alternatively, you can submit your answers by video. We’re inviting everyone who meets the criteria listed below to apply. The most motivated candidate, with the strongest record of human rights work or independent journalism/film-making at home, will be selected to attend the festival.

In order to be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Permanently live and work in the Republic of Ymen
  • Work as a human rights defender, civil society activist, print/broadcast/internet journalist, or documentary film-maker, with at least 3 years of experience in your field
  • Be at least 25 years old by the application deadline
  • Be available for the entire period of December 8-18, 2015, including arrival and departure, the film festival and the ensuing two days of visiting a Kyrgyz partner organization.
  • Hold a valid international passport by the application deadline

The application form is available at