Empowering, securing and inspiring civil society in the North Caucasus

Annual budget: $165,000

This project enables the North Caucasus region’s civil society to become stronger, more resilient and more effective as a force of change, by helping grass-roots activists and their organizations take on essential challenges – building powerful local constituencies, staying safe amid threats and resisting repressive policies, participating in regional and global human rights discourses and movements.

Objective 1: Expanding the space for civil society and building constituencies for human rights

Activity 1: Domestic resource mobilization learning program

Objective 2: Helping civil society be safer, more confident and unafraid, through information and applied solidarity

Activity 1: “Solidarity days” – one-day retreats for enhancing solidarity and defender well-being

Activity 2: A defender security learning program for younger activists (up to age 35)

Activity 3: Learning program on compliance with NGO legislation and supported implementation                                                                  

Objective 3: New conversations about human rights through greater regional and global integration 

Activity 1: Regional-global exchange at the Bir Duino Human Rights Film Festival in Kyrgyzstan

Activity 2: Global skills exchange and mutual support through visiting peer activists in residence