Televised fundraiser

This Friday we will be making a fundraising appeal for PBUK and for the Dobrota charity as part of a broader appeal for many charities during Ramadan. If you have Sky, turn on Iqra TV (Sky channel 826) in the early evening to see the appeal and Chris Hunter, PBUK’s programmes co-ordinator, being interviewed, as well as interviews with PBUK Trustee Alaudin Chilaev, and Dobrota fundraisers Sofia Janjua and Adil Wainwright.

Dobrota PBUK Ramadan Appeal

Iqra TV are helping us and Dobrota to raise money to rebuild schools in Chechnya, provide psychological support to children and teenagers traumatised by war, assist poverty-stricken families to start their own small businesses, sponsor orphans and distribute food to the hungry.

£25 can provide for an orphan’s needs for one month, £20 buys food for a family for one month and £100 can help make a life-saving operation happen. Please head to our donations page to find out how to donate.

Coaching Daimohk?

Well, the months of training certainly paid off last night with an absolutely staggering performance at the finale of the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, performed to a huge audience of 3,500 people!  If you were there then please leave your comments on the performance, or let us know if you have any photos or video you would like to share with us!

I briefly met with Daimohk earlier on their way down to London where I will meet them in a few days.  It’s just wonderful to see children who I haven’t seen since 2006 growing into young men and women and to receive some big Chechen hugs from the group!  Their positive energy is completely infectious, so it’s such a joy to have a hand in bringing them over here to share their talents with new audiences.

In a little bit of bad news their trusty coach, which has carried them all the way from Grozny, broke down just half a mile from the Eisteddfod.  The problems have now been fixed, but this additional cost to the tour now makes it unlikely that Daimohk will be able to raise the funds they had hoped for on this tour.  So, if you are at all able, please consider making a donation to help cover the costs of the tour and their work back home.  You can go to our Donations Page to find out how to donate.

I’m going to be filming some of the performances in London to ensure that we can introduce more and more people to the wonderful talent coming out of Chechnya.  However, in the meantime here is a YouTube clip from their 2006 UK Tour of one of my favourite dances – the Dagestan Dance.  Many thanks to Faye for this footage.  Enjoy!