UK Staff

Chris Hunter (MBE) – Programmes Coordinator

Chris Hunter

Peacebuilding UK’s programmes coordinator Christopher Hunter was based in Moscow and the North Caucasus from 1994 to 2001, and since then in the UK. He has been instrumental in initiating and implementing a wide range of programmes in the areas of human rights, peacebuilding capacity development, psychosocial assistance and community development. He worked formerly as a Quaker Peace and Service Representative in Russia and Friends House Moscow staff member, and consultant for Oxfam in the North Caucasus, and in 2000 was awarded an MBE for his work in Chechnya.

Denis Smetanin – Administrator and Web Designer

Peacebuilding UK’s Administrator and Web Designer Denis Smetanin became a full-time member of staff in August 2017, having previously worked for the charity as a consultant. Denis assists with financial reporting to our donors, administration of sub grants, arranging travel, accommodation and other logistical questions for staff and partners, including helping to arrange Peacebuilding UK training seminars and workshops in various countries.

Partners in the North Caucasus

Adlan Adaev – Local consultant in the region

Peacebuilding UK’s consultant in the North Caucasus, Adlan Adaev, is from Chechnya and has over 18 years’ experience of implementing and managing psychosocial support, human rights, peacebuilding and community development projects.

Staff/ volunteers elsewhere

Almut Rochowanski – Part-time project coordinator, “Empowering, securing and inspiring civil society in the North Caucasus” project

Almut conducted the research underpinning this project and (together with Chris Hunter) designed the project activities. She is responsible for timely implementation of all activities; devising selection criteria, selection of participants (with Chris and partner NGOs) and visiting activists (with hosting NGOs) and/or recruiting a selection committee; content of all communication with and outreach to target audiences (in person, via media/social media, email list serves); hiring of experts (with Chris) and developing activity content with them; supporting experts and participants during activities; supporting delegates to the Bir Duino festival; monitoring, evaluation and narrative reporting. Almut has provided support and advice to North Caucasus civil society since 2005, on international advocacy and networking, fundraising, project design, professional development, capacity-building, defender security. Since 2008, Almut has focused on women’s and girls’ rights, through media projects, international advocacy and supporting movement-building for the region’s women’s NGOs. She has been providing technical advice, fundraising support and supervision to Young Women’s Development Groups and has also collaborated with PBUK on other youth, peacebuilding and human rights projects. Prior working on the North Caucasus, Almut worked at the UN, the European Commission and OSI’s Central Eurasia Project. She studied law (Vienna University) and international affairs (Columbia University).

Almut Rochowanski also volunteers her time to the Young Women’s Development Groups project for fundraising, grant-writing and liaising with new and current donors; researching global best practices on empowering girls and technical-pedagogical innovations, providing training to staff or co-facilitating workshops, assisting with the search for outside experts and supporting the YWDG team’s professional development and international advocacy outside the immediate framework of the project.